ASRWC March News and Upcoming Events!!

Published Wed 20 Mar 2024

Hello ASRWC Community!

The cooldown has begun.. Let's get running and walking!!

The last time I wrote this, we talked about the success of our first event... Great news, the momentum has kept going from there. The Intersport Fun Run/Walk was a brilliant event, and  Greg Reval's last one (helping put it on :); he has grand plans and will be around for years to come ). Deb Page brought Josie Petrick along for the race fun, too. Josie recently turned 100; she is a lifetime member of the club and has made huge contributions to the Alice Springs run/walk community; she is truly an inspiring person. Deb made a beautiful speech about Josie and read some beautiful words from John Bermingham. Check out Facebook; we've recorded all of the speeches from this event.

 Our March River run was another success story, with the Feds' footy club joining us again for pre-season training. The trail-running community well received the WMM Nutrition and Hydration Talk. There were many questions and lots of note-taking. We thank Megan Scott profusely for her time imparting this important information. And of course, Hansie for 'Poles with Hansie'.

Our Member of the Month is Isabella B!! Issy was a committee member last year and was a big part of the club, directing races, volunteering, and participating in many club events. She recently completed the Tarawera 100-miler and had some creative training runs to get past the heat in the lead-up.

This Saturday, we have the Harmony Day Fun Run at 7 am at the Telegraph Station. This is a beloved event each year, and Marshal loves putting it on. She needs a few vollies, too, to make it all happen; we appreciate everyone's help so much!!

We have River Run on Saturday, April 6th, at 7 a.m., and the Flynn's Grave Dash on Saturday, April 20th, at 7:30 a.m.

We're planning a uniform order in April, so keep an eye out on social media for that; the OC Clothing shirts/singlets are brilliant for running in!

Do you have an upcoming run/walk event you're doing? Please share with us!! With love, sharing our member's achievements. Kicking couch to 5k goals? Running 100 miles? We wanna hear it all and share your triumphs with the community.

There always so much happening; we're having so much delivering all of these amazing events for the run/walk community. 

Thanks again to you all for making this so much fun to do :)


  • Harmony Day Fun Run/Walk
  • Our February Member of the Month is.. Issy B!!
  • WMM Volunteer Registration
  • Events to keep an eye out for in April...
  • Who's our Member of the Month for March? Tell US!

Harmony Day Fun Run/Walk

The 2024 Harmony Day Fun Run/Walk and Morning Tea will be held on Saturday, 23rd March, at 7:00 am.

The run will commence at the Alice Springs Telegraph Station and then follow the footpath on an out-and-back course.

Morning Tea will be at the Telegraph Station after the run/walk.

Wear orange or your National dress, and bring along your National Flag.

This is a free event and will not be timed.

This is a fun event to celebrate the multiculturalism of Alice Springs.

Our wonderful Vice-President, Marsha, puts this fantastic event on each year and would love some vollies to help make the magic happen.

We need:

-Course Marshals

-A Course Sweep

-Setup/Packup (You can still run or walk in the event, too!)

If you'd love to help us out and volunteer, register here:

We look forward to seeing you there!!

Our Member of the Month is... Issy B!!

Issy was a committee member last year and is a big part of the club, directing races, volunteering, and participating in many club events.

This year, she wanted to focus a little more on her running, but she's still managed to volunteer her time to help us out as a sweep, race director.. you name it, she does it!!

She recently went to New Zealand and did the Tarawera 100-miler. She trained in our desert heat and did some creative long runs at all hours of the night, and she got it done! Her next event is... Not the WMM 128; she's decided to sweep instead and support Jackson, who's doing the WMM 65. She has big plans on going the distance in the Red Centre Wringer and bigger plans for next year!! We can't wait to see what you do next!!

We want to thank you, Issy, for all you do for us, for inspiring the running community here, and for being just overall amazing!


West Macs Monster Volunteer Regos

Alice Springs' very own West Macs Monster Trail Running Festival will again be upon us soon. We need some local or even visiting champs to help the event run safely and smoothly. If you’re unable or not keen to run on the weekend of May 17th - 19th but would like to get involved, this is your time! Many different positions are available along with a lifetime of memories and stories to tell!

Enquire and express your interest to find out more here. You will receive an email outlining the positions available with a brief role description. From there, we can work out what positions and times may best suit you.

The word is getting out about this incredible event, in 2024 we are hosting more participants than we ever have - your help is truly appreciated. This event cannot run without the support of people like you, so thank you.

* "Registering" here does not commit you... it simply means we will send you more information on the roles available and give you more details on what is involved.

What's Coming up in April?!

Event registrations ARE required; don't forget your bib! 

We do require volunteers to fill roles. Please view and register for those roles here:

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Flynn's Grave Dash 5/10km!! Registrations have just opened, and I'm still working on the poster and social media posts... There will be a pretty poster soon!!

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Who's our Member of the Month for March?

❤️ MEMBER OF THE MONTH! This is a thing we’re looking to celebrate: members making a difference in the running and walking community.

Send us an email/message if you’ve got any thoughts about who could be this month’s MOTM.


Thanks for reading,

ASRWC Committee