Volunteering at events

The volunteers make all of the ASRWC events happen; they plan, organise, and operate the events.
They do all of the high-profile tasks at the event (like marshalling, timing, result recording, etc), and all the behind-the-scenes roles too.

If you would like to volunteer for a role and are a member of ASRWC, we'd love to give you an opportunity to participate..

What are our Volunteer Roles?

The Race Director is in charge of a particular event on a specific day.
They coordinate all of the volunteer roles before, during, and after the event and have ultimate responsibility for deciding whether or not the conditions are suitable for the event and with advice from the other volunteers may decide to modify the course (because of new hazards, for example), delay the start, or even in exceptional circumstances cancel the event that day (very poor weather being the most common reason for this).

The Event Day Course Check involves checking the entire route is safe to use on the day of the event.

The Pre-event Setup volunteers help the Race Director prepare for the event. This may include the placement of equipment around the course in line with Traffic Management Plans, setting up the start/finish area including the finish funnel, and placing signs and/or cones to indicate the route.

Registration Desk volunteers help to ensure any in-person event registrations on the day are processed and that non-members receive a temporary bib to help record their time for the event.

Marshals guide and encourage the participants around the course warning them of any obstacles or hazards, as well as ensuring that other footpath or trail users are aware of the event. They are also the eyes and ears of the Race Director out on the course.

Marshals perform a crucial function; if there aren't enough marshals then the event can't go ahead. So if you're taking part and see them out on the course, please say thanks (particularly if it's wet, windy or cold) and always follow their advice.

The Tail Walker/Sweep stays right at the back of the field and should be the last person to cross the finish line ensuring that everyone is accounted for. They are encouraged to carry a mobile phone in case of emergencies. They let any marshal out on the course know that they can collect nearby signs and leave their post.

The Timekeeper is responsible for recording the finish times of all the participants at the event. .

The Post Event Pack-up volunteers help pack away all the equipment.


Photographers capture images of our events in order to help us to inspire other people to engage in physical activity and to redefine what it means to be active. This imagery also provides a means for historical recording of our events over time.


For more information about volunteering at one of our events, get in touch with us using our online form. https://www.asrwc.com.au/contact/