Grand Prix Series

The Grand Prix series for the Alice Springs Running and Walking Club (ASRWC) is a structured competition that consists of a series of races held throughout a defined period, the calendar year. The series is designed to engage club members, promote participation, and encourage friendly competition within the running/walking community.


Here's a breakdown of how a Grand Prix series for the ASRWC will work:


1. Race Selection: ASRWC selects a set of races that will be included in the Grand Prix series. These races can be of various distances and terrains to provide a well-rounded competition. Common race distances can range from 5 kilometers to a marathon/ultra, depending on the preferences of the club and its members. At this time, it will be paid ASRWC events.


2. Point System: A point system is established to assign scores to participants based on their performance in each race. Typically, the top finishers in each race are awarded points, with higher scores given to those who finish higher in the overall standings. The specific point allocation can vary but is usually based on the runner's position relative to other club members.

  • 1st place in age group - 10 points

  • 2nd place in age group - 5 points

  • 3rd place in age group - 2 points


3. Age Categories: To ensure fairness, age categories may be established within the Grand Prix series. This allows runners to compete against others in their respective age groups, accounting for differences in performance based on age and gender. The age categories are determined using standard divisions like "Under 19,” "20-29,” "30-39,” "40-49," and so on.


4. Participation Requirements: The grand prix eligibility is restricted to current ASRWC members. Members will need to participate in a minimum of 4 races each calendar year to be eligible for final scoring or qualify for any awards or recognition. 


5. Overall Standings: A leaderboard or standings table is maintained throughout the series to track each participant's performance. It displays the accumulated points earned by each runner, typically categorized by gender, age group, and overall rankings. This will likely be kept on the current ASRWC website with each year’s standings. This allows participants to gauge their progress and identify potential areas for improvement.


6. Awards and Recognition: At the conclusion of the Grand Prix series, awards and recognition are given to the top-performing individuals. These can include trophies, medals, certificates, or other forms of acknowledgment. Awards will be given along with the annual ASRWC awards. 

By organizing a Grand Prix series, running clubs provide members with ongoing motivation to train, compete, and support each other in a structured and friendly environment. It creates a sense of unity, healthy competition, and personal growth within the club, fostering a strong running culture and promoting an active lifestyle.