Barrett Drive Mile 'Under Lights' - 20 April 2018

The Barrett Drive Mile will return on Friday 20 April at Alice Springs Convention Centre, Barrett Drive, and this time it will be a specatular UNDER LIGHTS! Kick off is at 5:30pm.


If you can run, walk or cycle then this event is for you! The Barrett Drive Mile is an all ages, all abilities event with registrations starting at just $10 for juniors and $20 for adults. 10% of total proceeds of the event will be donated to this years charity The Butterfly Connection (

The event aims to promote healthy living within the Alice Springs Community and encourages everyone from ametuer to professional runners, walkers and cyclists, young and old to participate with over $6,000 in cash and prizes up for grabs!

One of the highlights of the competition is the 'Novelty Event' category which is team-based. Teams (of 2-8ppl) are encouraged to dress up and have a laugh. The team with the best aggregate time will be awarded first place. But of course, it isn't all about winning, and prizes will also be handed out to best dressed on the day!

The 2018 event will take on a new format UNDER LIGHTS. The Friday evening, family friendly event will include food stalls, kids activities and entertainment!

2018 will also see the introduction of the Cyclocross, which is a mixed bike event. Enter with your road bike, mountain bike or BMX. The course is a mixed terrain including going upstairs and over obstacles (riders can dismount during the race). It is set to be one of the most exciting events of the day.

The 1 Mile course will be situated directly in front of the Convention Centre at Lassters Hotel Casino on Barrett Drive, Alice Springs.
The course will be marked out around the Convention Centre carpark. 5 and 3/4 laps of the course will complete the 1 Mile distance.

To register for running and walking events - CLICK HERE TO REGISTER
To register for Cyclocross - CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

- Online registration will close at midnight, Monday 16th April, 2018.
- Stay up to date through the Mile's Facebook page. For any direct enquiries, email

Junior running category (up to and including U/18's)

Open and Masters running categories

Open Walkers category

Novelty Event (Team event, 2-8 ppl per team) 
$10 per person

Cycling Criterium

U/7 200m Dash (Male and Female)
Prizes: 1st $25, 2nd $15, 3rd $10
Sponsor: NHM Painting & Decorating

U/10 Half Mile (Male and Female)
Prizes: 1st $50, 2nd $30, 3rd $20
Sponsor: BP Alice City

U/13 Mile (Male & Female)
Prizes: 1st $100, 2nd $50, 3rd $25
Sponsor: S&K Plumbing

U/18 (Male & Female)
Prizes: 1st $200, 2nd $100, 3rd $50
Sponsor: Yeperenye Shopping Centre

Masters (40+, Male & Female)
Prizes: 1st $300, 2nd $150, 3rd $75
Sponsor: Lasseters Health Club

Open Female
Prizes: 1st $1000, 2nd $500, 3rd $250
Sponsor: NAB Alice Springs

Open Male
Prizes: 1st $1000, 2nd $500, 3rd $250

Novelty Mile
The Winning team will have their name engraved on the Perpetual Trophy
Prizes: Award for Best Dressed from Lasseters Hotel Casino

Open Walkers
Prizes: 1st $200, 2nd $100, 3rd $50

Prizes: 1st $150, 2nd $100, 3rd $40 (Open), 1st $100, 2nd $30, $20 (Juniors)
Sponsor: My Ride

There will also be a fantastic spot prizes on the night up for grabs!

All events start and finish at the Convention Centre. Start times for all events are:

1730 - U/7 200m Dash 
1745 - U/10 Half Mile
1800 - U/13 Mile
1815 - U/18 Mile
1830 - First Round of Presentations
1845 - Walk
1900 - Masters Mile
1915 – Novelty Mile
1945 - Cyclocross
2010 - Open Female Mile
2020 - Open Male Mile
2030 - Carpark Open and Event Area Packup
2045 - Final Presentations

There will be a race briefing 5 minutes before each event start time. All participants for each event are required to be assembled at the starting point at this time to receive the briefing.

Each event has a 15 minute cut off time (With U/7 and U/10 having a 10 minute cut off) Competitors that have not completed their event within this time frame will be instructed to clear to either the footpath or walking track on

Competitors will need to collect their registration packs from the Juicy Rump at Lasseters during the following hours:

Thursday 19th April 4:30pm – 6:30pm

Late registrations will also be accepted at this time

Included in your registration pack will be:
- Race bib with timing chip
- 10% off meal voucher for Juicy Rump
- FREE drink voucher for Juicy Rump
- 20% off Lavish Day Spa Voucher

All competitors will receive their race bib in their registration pack. The bib must be worn on the front of your shirt/singlet, and can be secured with the pins provided. Competitors that fail to wear their bib will risk not getting a recorded time. Spare safety pins will be available at sign-on.

Festival singlets available for purchase at registration packs collection point.

The following will be available at the start/finish line for competitors comfort and enjoyment:

- Sports medicine tent
- Light food and drinks for finishers
- Food and drinks for purchase
- Complimentary bag drop
- Mile singlets for purchase (stocks limited) - $20.
- Post-race entertainment

We encourage you to stay after you have completed your race to cheer on the remaining competitors as they cross the finish line.

There will be two presentations on the night. The first will commence at 6:30pm at the conclusion of the Junior races, and the second will be at 8:45pm at the conclusion of the night. Should you have any friends or family that wish to attend the presentation, meals can also be purchased at food stalls available at the event. All participants will receive a discount meal voucher in their participant packs.

Our photographers will be taking photographs of all participants. These photos may be used in news, on social media and for future marketing of the event or events associated with the Alice Springs Running and Walking Club.

Photos will be available for free download post event. Stay tuned to our Facebook page for further details on where and how to download.

A sports medicine service will be available at the start/finish line. If you are in need of sports medicine on the course, please let volunteers at a drink stop know that you need assistance. Volunteers will also be patrolling the course and can call for assistance if required.

Race committee
Shane Cadan: 0407-559-049
Mel Mutch: 0418-344-257
Sara Jentsch: 0439-887-783


Thank you to our incredibly valued sponsors:

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Barrett Drive Mile Terms and Conditions of Entry

1.                     The participant (Participant) in Barrett Drive Mile (the Event) acknowledges and agrees that these terms and conditions are subject to change from time to time at the discretion of Alice Springs Running and Walking Club (The Organisers) and without notice to the Participant.
2.                     By registering for the Event, the participant declares that they have undertaken sufficient training for the Event and that they are not aware of any illness, injury, physical disability or impairment which may cause them injury or death during or as a consequence of Event participation.
3.                     By registering, the Participant agrees to accept full responsibility to inform themselves and assess all dangers, hazards and risks of entry in the Event and rely solely on their own assessment of these dangers, hazards and risks before participating in the Event and notwithstanding any decision thereon made by the race committee and other persons corporations and bodies involved or engaged in promoting or staging the Event. The decision to participate is entirely their own and they accept all risks associated with participation in the Event, including but not limited to loss of life and/or any injury including without limitation any permanent injury.
4.                     By registering, the Participant agrees to indemnify and keep indemnified the Indemnified Parties against all actions, suits, demands, claims, proceedings, costs, expenses, liabilities and judgements whatsoever (including without limitation for negligence, breach of contract and/or breach of statute) arising out of or in relation to their participation in the Event. This indemnity may be pleaded as a bar to any action, claim, demand, suit or legal proceedings. The releases, waivers and indemnities in this document continue forever and bind their heirs, executors, personal representatives and assigns.
5.         Ages and Categories. There are several heats in the Activity where there is an age restriction present. For the u/7 category, all participants aged 6 and under as at the day of the Event must enter this category. If a participant turns 7 on the day of the Event, then they must enter the u/10 category. For the u/10 category, all participants aged 9 and under as at the day of the Event must enter this category. If a participant turns 10 on the day of the Event, then they must enter the u/13 category. For the u/13 category, all participants aged 12 and under as at the day of the Event must enter in this category. If a participant turns 13 on the day of the Event, then they must then enter the U/18 category. For the u/18 category, all participants aged between 13 and 17 as at the day of the Event must enter in this category. If a participant turns 18 on the day of the event, then they must then enter the open category. For the Masters category, all participants aged between 40 and over as at the day of the Event are eligible to enter in this category. Participants in the Masters are also eligible to enter in the open category if they wish. There is no age restrictions for the Novelty Event.
6.                     Entry Costs and Key Dates.  To encourage early registration to enable smooth backend administration, the following details the entry costs for all participants into the Event.
           6.1. Now until midnight 21 April 2017:
                        6.1.1. U/7, U/10, U/13 and U/18 Categories - $10;
                        6.1.2. Open and Masters Categories - $20; and
                        6.1.3  Novelty Cateogry - $20 per person.
            6.2. From midnight 21 April 2016 – entries closed.
            6.4      Cancellations and Refunds. Any cancellations after Midnight on 1 April 2017 will forfeit the entry fee. 
7.                     By registering for the Event, Participants certify that they are 18 years or older as at the date of registration, or that they are the parent/legal guardian of the participant who is under the age of 18 years and they have read and fully understand this document. As a parent/legal guardian for the participant, they agree to these terms and conditions on the behalf of the participant. Similarly, for all Participants that are entering in the U/7, U/10, U/13 or U/18 categories, are to be accompanied by a parent or guardian.
8.                     Only entries submitted on the official entry form online will be accepted. The information on how to enter and the details about the Event forms part of these terms and conditions of entry. The number of competitors will be strictly limited to 600 across all categories combined and will be decided on the basis of first received.
9.                     By registering, the Participant agrees to abide by all Event terms and conditions. They understand that they must follow the approved course, observe normal traffic rules and obey all directions and instructions given by the Event officials and if required, by emergency services.
10.      By registering, the Participant agrees and accepts that The Organisers may, in their absolute discretion, at any time and from time to time vary the rules and regulations of the Event and without prior notice.
11.      By registering the Participant consents to receive such medical aid or preventative treatment which may be deemed advisable in the unfettered discretion of Event Medical Officials in the Event of any injury accident or illness to them during their participation in the Event.
12.      By registering, the Participant acknowledges that they must wear the official chest bib corresponding to the registration made in their name on their chest such that the allotted number and sponsor names can be seen for the duration of the Event.  No roller skates, roller blades, hand cycles, geared vehicles, skateboards, bicycles, scooters, dogs or other accessories that may cause injury will be permitted. The Participant understands that starting before their assigned wave start time will result in disqualification.
13.      By registering, the Participant acknowledges that the Organisers reserve the right, in their discretion, to reject or cancel a Participant’s entry at any time, including without limitation for safety or insurance reasons, or if, in the opinion of The Organisers, they are unable to complete the Event. The Organisers will not be obliged to refund any portion of the entry fee in such circumstances.
14.      By registering, the Participant acknowledges that the Organisers reserve the right to change or modify any part of the Event including the date, course and location at any time and from time to time. Details of any such changes will be published via the Event website, Facebook page, Event e-newsletter and/or other means.
15.      By registering, the Participant acknowledges that the Organisers or their representative may remove them from the Event area and/or exclude them from participation in the Event if in The Organisers sole opinion it is necessary to do so (a) if their behaviour is inappropriate, offensive, or abusive, (b) to prevent damage to any property, (c) on medical or health and safety grounds (including to prevent possible harm or injury to themselves and/or any other person), or (d) to prevent or arrest any form of unauthorised marketing, including ambush marketing.
16.      By registering, the Participant acknowledges they agree that registration in the Event is personal to them and that no other person is permitted to participate in the Event in their place under their alias.
17.      By registering, the Participant acknowledges that if a person-to-person transfer option is made available (in The Organisers discretion), they consent to paying the administration fee (if any) at the time of transfer. If any additional event products have been purchased, they understand that this is non-transferable and I will forfeit the cost of purchase of these items.
18.      By registering, the Participant consents the publication and/or use in any form of media whatsoever of their name, race result, image, voice, statement or otherwise (including the publication of their name and/or Event result, suburb and applicable age bracket in any of The Organisers press releases and/or on the Event website) without payment or compensation.
19.      By registering, the Participant consents to the Organisers entering their personal details contained on this entry form into a database which will be used for the administration of the Event, including to SMS Event information to them if they have provided a mobile phone number. 
20. By registering, the Participant acknowledges that they will write an emergency contact name and phone number in the space provided on their supplied race bib and agree that The Organisers may contact that person and exchange my personal information with them in case of an emergency.
21.      By registering, the Participant acknowledges that they will only be eligible for any prize that may be offered in connection with the Event if they complete the approved course in accordance with these conditions and the Event rules and regulations. Similarly, they acknowledge that the race referee’s decision is final – no correspondence will be entered into.
22.      By registering in the Event for 2016, the Participant understands that they may be offered pre-sale entry for the Event for 2017. They acknowledge that The Organisers will not be responsible if they miss out on the pre-sale due to any failure on their part to update my contact details. Similarly, the Participantdeclares that all the information supplied by them on this entry form is true and correct.
23.      Cancellation. By registering, the Participant acknowledges that the Organisers reserve the right to cancel the Event at any time if The Organisers consider in its sole discretion this is required due to any sort of dangerous conditions and/or force majeure. In the event of cancellation, there will be NO REFUND of entry fee and the cancelled Event may not necessarily be re-scheduled. A decision will be made ASAP on race day and broadcast on commercial radio and via the Event website.
24.      Fundraising.  By registering for the Novelty event, Participants acknowledge that 10 per cent of all entry fees (minus online registration merchant fees) will be donated to the Drovers Alice Springs Hospital Volunteer Service. If participants in other event categories wish to also donate to this charity service then they will be able to do so at the Event.

There was such a fun and positive vibe all day with a great crowd cheering on and supporting all events. The feedback we have received so far has been overwhelmingly encouraging, and we are already looking forward to planning for 2018.

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